Airbag and OEM Parts Destruction

Target works along side major OEMs to assist in the destruction of end of life parts, including airbag destruction. Our secured facility will catalogue end of life parts, report back to the OEM regarding destruction and provide a Letter of Destruction for any parts received. Our process ensures that the part will no longer be reinstalled or resold once it reaches our facility.

Plastic Recycling

Target has been recycling plastic in Ajax for 18 years and has built a reputation as a can do recycler that will deal with material that others have given up on. We find solutions for even the most difficult to recycle polymers. Our state of the art machinery together with our modern lab equipment allows Target to take on projects that have been rejected by other recyclers as too difficult. We also purchase excess material from manufacturers who find that they have over bought a product and provide tolling services to those manufacturers who wish to reintegrate their scrap material into their manufacturing processes.

Secured Destruction

All of our manufacturing and demanufacturing processes are designed with the security of the material and potential trade secrets in mind. Our customers entrust us to destroy their material to avoid new/obsolete parts being moved to the grey market and causing our customers financial harm or the loss of intellectual property through the diversion to unapproved markets.

Battery Recycling

Target is an approved processor of e-waste and plastic derived from e-Waste. Target Recycling Services Inc. provides data security to customers through stringent controls of confidential data before manual dismantling and shredding operations. We also provide customers with certificates of destruction of their material to provide peace of mind that their confidential and proprietary information has been securely and completely destroyed.

Waste Audits and Waste Diversion

We provide Waste Audits and Waste Diversion plans to our customers to allow them to meet their obligations under Federal, Provincial or Municipal Legislation. We also provide Waste Reduction plans to meet recycling goals for companies and to increase the efficiencies of their manufacturing process.

Separation and Sortation

Target has been in the separation and sortation of recyclable materials since its inception. The experience and contacts gained in the business allows Target to maximize useable materials and avoid creating unnecessary waste. This applies to all aspects of our business from plastic to e-Waste all the way to paper and metals. We have the machinery required and the skill in our employees to ensure maximum recovery of recyclable materials while avoiding contamination. We reinforce our experience in material separation by quality testing in our in-house laboratory.